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If you would like to join Katalin's workshops in the Spring check out her schedule and pick the closest city to you. All infos about the North American Tour you can find by click the link below: facebook.com/KatalinSchafer2016NorthAmericanTour

See you this weekend in TelAviv! Join my classes and enjoy the whole fantastic festival programs of "Habibi Ya Eini"
More infos at: www.bellydanceholyland.com

Hello lovely SCH followers!
Guess who is in WizzAir magazine?!
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Dear SCH Fashion costumers!

I would like to share some important news with you that are relevant from the 1st of OCTOBER 2014!
As you may know SCH Fashion was founded in 2010. Ever since then we have been dedicated to bringing nothing but the very best quality to you through our costumes. Every piece of drawing, every line of pearls and crystals on the dresses mean the world to us, for my haute couture designs are a way of self expression.

As we know everything changes. As the years went by, the cost of fabrics and other materials we work with increased. Since I never have been and never will be willing to compromise on the quality I want to deliver to you, SCH Fashion (for the first time in its existance) made a decision to make certain changes to its previous prices. This way, we can keep using the most precious materials that you and our dresses deserve and you - cherished costumers - will keep receiving the quality you got used to during all these years.

Please note, that there were no changes to the designer's fee, changes are only due to price increase of the fabrics and other materials. Group and distributor discounts will be on in the future too and of course the good olda prices will apply to those purchases made until the 1st of October, 2014!

Please ask for the new price chart at: info@schaferfashion.com

Watch out for our SuperSale before the new prices apply! 

Dedicated to bringing the best to you like always,